Oct 22, 2012

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like 100 WAPI FM. There are two news radio stations in Birmingham. WERC features the big names like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck (as well as ‘Coast to Coast’!). WAPI features local personalities that discuss national topics. The conversations are usually about politics and it’s easy to identify that the hosts of the three shows I enjoy (Matt Murphy, Leland Whaley and Richard Dixon) will all be voting for Mitt Romney in a few weeks. It is very refreshing to find a media outlet that isn’t all wrapped up in the current President’s "cool" factor. Additionally, WAPI has a very strong signal and they carry all the Auburn football games. These guys may not be right, but I like what they have to say and, more importantly, how they say it.

This week, I love feeding Graham. I’m not talking about feeding Graham his baby food. I’m talking about feeding him grown folk’s food. Graham is constantly on the go now and his curiosity measures off the chart. The boy will put anything in his mouth – suckers, pieces of blueberry muffins, Q-tips...you name it. I don’t want to admit to giving in but if it means buying a few moments of calmness, sure - he can have some of my Cheerios. It helps me lose weight and keeps him from sneaking off to completely destroy another vase or magazine. By the way, I have never seen Graham turn his nose up at any type of food. I mean...just look at the way takes to this pickle!

This week, I don’t like the second season of American Horror Story. We’re only one episode into the new season of one of my favorite shows and I can already tell that Season 2 is very different. I guess that’s what you get when the two main stars from Season 1 move onto other projects. It seems that the producers have jammed in confusing storylines, unneeded sex scenes and over-the-top gore to make up for the main characters that are missing from Season 1. I’ll try watching a few more episodes but if I don’t see any improvement, I’ll probably free up room on the DVR for other shows.

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