Oct 31, 2012

Graham - 10 Months

Busy, busy, busy...This is how I will define this past month.  In mid October Graham learned to crawl on all fours and learned to pull himself up, and he has been going non stop ever since.  We have had a fair share of bumps and bruises thanks to our new mobility but thankfully nothing major.  It can certainly be tiring at times, but for the most part it is such a joy to see him explore all of his surroundings.

Typically our days involve playing with the Fisher Price activity table, watching Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, climbing the stairs, reading books, running errands, afternoon strolls, riding on Daddy's shoulders, and bath time.  Every day is something new and it is so much fun getting to experience each new day with him.  We are truly blessed.

After our busy September we decided to stay close to home, but before we did that we were itching to go to Camden to spend time with Grandmommy and Granddaddy (Nick's parents).  It was a wonderful weekend. I am pretty sure that there is no greater feeling than seeing your parents/in-laws delight in your child....well at least for me there is no greater feeling.

Three generations of Baggett men

It is hard working riding on someones shoulders...

Solving all the worlds problems
We also spent some time with Emily, Clay and Brooks this past month.  Not sure if you have tried to take a pictures of two 10 month old boys while holding shakers...if you haven't this is what you get...

For some strange reason while watching football 1 TV isn't enough for Nick and Clay so they usually have 2 going at the same time.  The problem this year is there are two little boys who are mesmerized by anything and everything and this TV was at their level.

Lastly I will leave you with a few outtakes from our photo session.  

Yes.  He did fall out of the chair while I was snapping pictures.  Don't worry he's fine.

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  1. Love all the pics in this post -- especially the outtakes! Glad you keep it real. :)