Jun 13, 2011

Brother PE 770

On May 15th I celebrated by 29th birthday (can I really be 29).  My family was in town that weekend for a wedding so we all got to celebrate together which was fun.  Unbenounced to me Nick and my parents had been plotting behind my back to surprise me with a new embroidery machine!!!!  The Brother PE 770 to be exact.

I have put this on my Christmas and birthday list for about 3 years now but never really thinking that I would get it, but they were very sneaky and gave me a big surprise.  Now I can monogram and applique til my hearts content!  These are a few examples of what this machine can do:

Thanks Nick, Mom and Dad!  This is going to be one well dressed baby!!!!


  1. Hi! I came across your blog searching for other bloggers who ahve the 770 embroidery machine. I am thinking about adding it to my christmas list but am afraid it will be too hard to use. Do you like it? Would you recommend it? I am getting tired of spending lots of $$ on monogramming and thought this would be a good "starter" embroidery machine. I already have a brother sewing machine...


  2. I received this machine for my birthday a few months ago. I feel so stuck bc {it being my first machine} the above examples you showed are what I would like to do, but obviously they aren't on the machine. I would love some direction on where to purchase and what files to purchase in order to really get moving with my machine. The fonts on the machine aren't big enough nor are they the right style. Direction please ma'am! :) ashley{@}havealovely.com

  3. Ashley - You are right the designs and fonts that come with the machine are terrible, but this is the case with most all embroidery machines. Here a few of the applique sites that I really like, and where I get most all of my designs:


    These are the two sites like get most of my fonts from:


    Most all of these sites run sales very frequently. I suggest following them on Facebook or signing up to get their emails so that you will know when they have sales. Hope this is helpful!

    1. I also received the Brother 770 embroidery machine as a gift and I haven't had the courage to get started yet! I've watched you tube videos and read thru the booklet, but need some help :) your samples of what you have made is exactly what I want to do. Would love to know how to get started to make these things!
      Cindy - Cmgude@cox.net

  4. How exciting for you! I got my first embroidery machine a couple of years ago. I recently upgraded to a machine (Bernina 340) that will do bigger designs (my former only did 4 x 4) and am having so much fun doing larger designs now! I sell my embroidered items online so I'm hoping this will really boost my sales.