Dec 19, 2016

Fall Family Update!

And we’re back! You’ll have to excuse that long break, folks. Life has been a little crazy since the last post. Sadly, we’re starting to see that crazy is the new normal! This post doesn’t include everything that we’ve done, but it’s a start.


We started the fall season by getting ready for all the fall festivities, which included pumpkin painting!

And the babies tried on their first Halloween costumes!

We also made a trip down to Camden in October. I observed that Ellen is at her calmest when the vehicle is traveling at 60 mph or faster. Red lights are gruesome! It was the first trip to Camden for the babies and the trip also included some extra Halloween fun for Graham. He really enjoyed the fall festival put on by the Camden Baptist Church. Everyone liked his Gecko costume!

The weather was nice, which presented a great opportunity for a picture with Grandmommy and Granddaddy!

The babies have made a few trips to the doctor for help with all kinds of things their big brother passed along to them. If only they could blow their noses!

We made a return trip to Camden for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a lot of good food. Global warming isn’t all that bad if it means we can spend time comfortably outside in late November!


Ellen and Harris are no longer sleeping in their swaddles. They now sleep on their tummies under some blankets. Their swings have really come in handy during sick spells. We’ve gone through approximately 400 size D batteries! Their bouncy seats have been very helpful at keeping them upright so they can nap.

Both babies experienced an allergic reaction to cereal and it took about 3 weeks for their tummies to bounce back. Not a fun period due to very little sleep. Julie has powered through and kept us all alive. The babies stayed with an all-formula diet until recently when fruit flavored baby food was introduced, with much success! Just as these babies are different from each other, they eat baby food differently, too. Ellen savors the flavor while Harris barely even tastes his food. Sometimes we don’t go fast enough!

Harris is still a little heavier and longer. At a recent doctor’s appointment, Harris was weighed 14.5 pounds. Ellen was weighed 12 pounds and 1 ounce.

Judging by their drooling and the way they constantly suck on their fingers, these babies will have some teeth soon. There is rarely a time now when something isn’t in their mouth, especially for Harris. I don’t remember Graham being able to stick his entire hand into his mouth.

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Aside from their tummy troubles, ear infections, the occasional sniffles and some chest congestion, Harris and Ellen are genuinely happy babies. Harris is the more expressive baby but Ellen will give you a big smile every now and then too.

They still don’t really acknowledge each other. They spend time on their activity mat with each other and sometimes suck on each other’s fingers but they don’t outright look at each other. I thought that would have happened more by now. Maybe it will happen soon – Julie and I are really looking forward to them entertaining themselves!


Graham has had a very busy fall. He’s had a blast along the way, from school to yardwork. It won’t be long until I can count on Graham to rake the entire yard!

Graham also discovered that leaf piles make don’t derail trails as much as one would think.

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This might be my favorite photo from this fall:

He has enjoyed learning lots of great things at school. He's REALLY become quite the artist. Check out this family portrait he sketched.

Be sure to check out his depiction of the babies.

As evident by his school photo, I’d say Graham really likes school.

He also helped us celebrate his Aunt’s birthday. They are kindred spirits that share December birthdays.

More recently, Graham has been working very hard at staying on Santa’s “nice” list. He got off to a great start with an EXCELLENT visit to see Santa with Harris and Ellen. Not the first tear was shed!

Grahambo also helped with our Christmas tree decorations.

And here it is, time for Christmas! Time really flies. I think this last picture really sums up our hectic lives! I don’t recall what was going on in this photo, but it seems to capture any given moment around here - - Julie hanging out of the window and Graham slinging his Spidey webs.

Thanks for reading! We’ll work on having more frequent posts in 2017!

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