Jun 27, 2016

Home at Last!!!

The twins were discharged from the NICU at Grandview Medical Center today, June 27th - - two weeks after their birthday!

I left work after a few hours this morning to pick Julie up and head to the hospital around 10:30. When we arrived, Harris and Ellen were in their normal positions, just closer together.

We had to wait for the doctor to make her rounds to look the babies over one last time. While we waited, Harris and Ellen both got a bottle for lunch. Ellen had to wait her turn in the background. That's always been the case with Harris and their meals!

Soon, the doctor arrived and reaffirmed what we've been hearing - the babies are doing great, eating more and putting on weight. The twins got a diaper change and a new outfit. Harris wore the same outfit that I wore home from the hospital after I was born. Graham wore the same outfit when he came home too.

A representative from the Grandview marketing department came by to take our picture for their Facebook page and shared some interesting news. Harris and Ellen are the first twins to be discharged from Grandview's NICU.

They didn't make this a public post so I couldn't embed it. Had to take a screenshot.

After some (double) paperwork, it was time to pack up and leave! Harris and Ellen liked their new ride, the BabyBarrow 4000. Ellen is on the left.

The ride home was very quick and Graham was so excited to see his new brother and sister! He RAN out the front door to greet us!

He couldn't take his eyes off them, even when we were trying to get some family pics on the front steps.

Here's a better look at what the twins wore home. I think they enjoyed the scorching temps outside. They were sleeping just fine.

Graham couldn't wait to get the babies inside. He seemed to gravitate to Harris but I bet that will change.

Graham wanted to be a helpful brother and asked to hold the babies as soon as we brought them into the nursery.

Talk about a surreal moment. We just brought Graham home from the hospital the other day. Wow!

The rest of the afternoon has been all about feeding, preventing naps from being disrupted and changing diapers. We're very fortunate to have Julie's mother stay with us to help with these things and so much more.

In between rain showers, I manage to get some bows on the mailbox. I don't think this is what Julie had in mind but it was my best effort. I probably should have gotten some instructions from her before descending down that driveway.

So far, so good tonight. Julie is bringing back her super swaddling skills - Harris and Ellen don't have a choice but to like it!

Keep those prayers coming!! We've got schedules to sync up and double the diapers to change but with your continued support, we can do it! Thank you!!!


  1. Julie & Nick, So happy for you! Ellen and Harris are adorable. I can't even imagine!! Prayers for continued growth, synced schedules, and sleep!
    Much love,
    Joanne Moore
    PS Graham seems to already be the perfect BB

  2. So happy for you Baggett Family!! Continued prayers for you all!! Loved the post and all the pictures ... And Julie, you look fantastic!!

  3. This is a very happy day! I didn't realize the twins made hospital history -- that's neat!