Mar 29, 2014

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like This Old House. I’m handy to the point where Julie keeps me around. Not only am I without the knowledge of how to frame a door, I really can’t say I have the desire to frame a door. But I really like watching that kind of stuff on This Old House. I can’t explain it. It’s amazing to watch some of the jobs they accomplish in just half an hour! OK, kidding - but I do like the continuation they have for each season’s house. I like all of the characters on the show too - Tom’s got little-man syndrome, Norm rarely picks up a tool, Roger (or Rahjah) seems to have a decent green thumb for a Yankee, Richard the plumber is really sarcastic and they ALL give Kevin the host a hard time. Interesting side note: as much as I like This Old House, I couldn't care less about Ask This Old House.

TOH's opening theme has come a long way since things began in 1980:

This week, I love Hoverpost. This is work-related but I really, really like this new tool I stumbled across just the other day. In general, working in the marketing world is all about proving your worth. We love us some analytics. In turn, social media is all about keeping it short and sweet - especially with URL links that eat up valuable character space. Hoverpost helps handle all of the above. Basically, it’s a URL shortener that produces a link that, when clicked, will display embeddable media over your website. So, when the viewer finishes watching the video you linked (for example), your website will appear. Hoverpost provides added pageviews for your website AND the analytics to track your clicks!

Here’s a real-life example: I shared a link to a YouTube video on my employer’s Facebook page earlier this week. Rather than using my normal URL shortener, I used Hoverpost. Click this link to see the results:

This week, I don’t like being a victim of leftism. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with political preferences. Leftism - or maybe I should say rightism? - pertains to the ratio of right-hand golf clubs to left-handed golf clubs in the marketplace. I’ve played golf for the majority of my life now and while the availability of left-handed equipment has tremendously improved over the last two decades, dexterity equality is a concept that has always seemed unattainable by us lefties. I was recently saddened to learn that some of the major equipment manufacturers are still incorporating leftist practices into their production lines. Long story short, I found out that the loft/bounce combo for a particular wedge I like is not available in a left-handed model. This is a REAL problem. It is 2014, people - it is time for this unfair treatment to end. Please write to your Congressman on my behalf.

Of course, I could always follow Bubba's lead:

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