May 30, 2013

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Julie’s long hair. Thanks to a trim last week, Julie’s flowing locks aren't quite as long but they're still longer than at any point in Julie’s life. It is such a good look for my beautiful wife. Even though the maintenance is more tedious, the results are well worth it, if you ask me. I've never seen Julie sport a ponytail until recently but it really fits her on-the-go, multitasking lifestyle. The hotter weather is coming and I hope that Julie’s tolerance for the discomfort caused by her longer hair holds out as long as possible!

Look at that ponytail!!!
This week, I love lake livin'. Julie, Graham and I took a quick vacation to Logan-Martin Lake in Pell City last month. We just finished enjoying a wonderful visit over Memorial Day weekend at our friends’ family lake house near Cullman on Smith Lake. I’m hooked on lake livin'. It’s the perfect combination of serene wilderness and fun on the water. The drive time to these two lakes (or Lake Martin or Lake Mitchell, for that matter) is a heck of a lot shorter than to the Gulf Coast. If you have a pool at your lake house, I can be your best friend. I can bring food. Just call me!

You don't want to know what happened next.
This week, I don’t like my signs of aging. I wish I could share a photo of me from my high school basketball days. Those days of gorging myself with no hesitation are long gone. It seems that 2013 has been the year of sinus infections for me, which has never really happened. Needless to say, this disco is very strange to my ears. I'm clearly seeing the signs of aging and they're coming more rapidly each day. Every December, I marvel at how quickly the year has passed. I fully expect 2014 to eclipse 2013's pace. This makes me wonder how time is perceived by people in their 80's. I mean...does it feel like an out-of-control bus with no brakes? Let's hope I make it that long to find out!

I just don't want to go bald.

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