Aug 28, 2012

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like adding to my golf conquest. I have a goal to play golf in every state. I added to my conquest when I got to play golf in Missouri last week when Julie and I visited our friends in St. Louis. We played at the Spirit at Landings Golf Course, which was adjacent to a private airport. Although I didn’t play well, the course reminded me of why I enjoy pursuing this goal. The grasses used on this course were nothing like you would find on Birmingham area courses. This photo shows how green the course was, even though St. Louis has not received very much rain this summer. Five states down, 45 more to go.

This week, I love happy flying Graham. We flew to our destination on the before-mentioned trip to St. Louis. I wasn’t sure how well Graham would behave on his maiden flight. I really didn’t want Julie and me to be “that couple” with the screaming kid on the flight. Much to my delight, Graham did GREAT! He stayed awake and played quietly during the flight to St. Louis. Many of our fellow passengers expressed their appreciation for Graham’s behavior (and my fatherly skills) with comments like “Great baby!” and “I didn’t even realize a baby was on the plane”. It worked out even better on the way home as Graham slept the entire flight. I know future trips won’t always be this peaceful but I must say that I’m super proud of my little pilot!


This week, I don’t like airports. I’m not a very experienced flyer. Flying is an unnatural act and one I do not enjoy. I loved arriving in St. Louis in just over 1 hour as opposed to an 8 hour car ride but I’d rather skip the whole dog-and-pony show at the airport. There’s something about being in an airport that makes my anxiety level go through the roof. Thank goodness I am married to my hard-charging wife. Julie was a real leader and got us through all of the twists and turns in Birmingham and St. Louis. I would have been totally lost if I was by myself. If only I could be more “chill” like Graham.

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