Jul 13, 2012

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like About.me. Everyone’s got multiple social media sites, blogs, etc. About.me lets you showcase them all at once. Don’t want to send friends, family members or potential employers on a wild goose chase across the Internet? This free service grants you a customizable webpage that “giftwraps” all of your sites in one spot. Best of all, you get a personalized URL that can be added to your business cards or email signatures. You can visit mine at http://About.me/NickBaggett

This week I love tomatoes. I may have declared my love for tomatoes in an older post. But I’m here to clarify my love. You should know that when I say “tomato”, I don’t mean the variety you get at Winn Dixie that has turned pink and hard from refrigeration and preservative chemicals. I’m talking about the red, juicy maters that come from the Black Belt region of Alabama. No, it’s not called that because of the high number of karate enthusiasts that live there. It’s referring to the dark, rich soil there that is known to make a successful gentleman farmer out of anyone with a shovel and some seeds. My parents gave us a big batch of tomatoes out of their garden during our recent visit to Camden and I can’t tell you how many BLTs Julie and I have devoured since then. Give me a tomato and a salt shaker and you and I can be friends. Add some Dukes mayonnaise, some lettuce and lots of bacon and you watch whatever you want to on my TV.

This week, I don’t like being without my keyless entry remote. The plastic case on my truck’s keyless entry remote broke. Since it’s no longer attached to my keychain, I’ve decided to leave it at home. Now, I’ve prepared myself for the day when the remote’s battery died by not allowing myself to use the “clicker” to unlock my door when standing less than 10 feet away from my truck. It kills me to see people walk up to their car door and use their remote rather than their key to unlock their door. But I seem to have my hands full more frequently these days and I’m really missing that remote. Those suckers are expensive and I thought I found an affordable replacement for the case online. But it was too good to be truck as the replacement case was not an exact match for my broken case. Oh well, guess I have to continue using the old fashion method.

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