May 14, 2012

Easter and The Masters

A month late...I know!  We kicked off our Easter celebration with an Easter Egg hunt at the Johnsey's house.  It was the perfect day and the party was complete with the Easter bunny and a visit from an ice cream truck!  Graham napped through most of it, but we had a good time.  Next year he will be running around hunting eggs with all the big kids.

Easter snuck up on me this year so I only had a few weeks to get Graham's Easter outfit made.  I went back and forth over which pattern to make, but in the end I went with the Chery Williams bubble.  I used white linen with ecru tatting on the collar and sleeves. 

A few weeks ago I headed down to Gulf Shores with three of my best friends from college for our annual girls weekend.  The rule is that if anyone has a baby under the age of one they can come along so Graham was the lucky bug this year.  In anticipation of the upcoming trip the Easter bunny loaded him up with beach gear!  His Easter bucket was stuffed with a spiffy swim diaper, monogrammed sun hat, sun glasses, and suncreen.  (too bad the weather wasn't great and he didn't get to use any of this new stuff)

This year the Masters fell on Easter Sunday, and we always enjoy hosting a Masters Party.  Several of our usual attendees were out of town, but the Branchs were able to come and we had a lovely afternoon.

Graham and Brooks in their Easter outfits

Brooks had a minor blowout and required a wardrobe change, but he returned so that we could finish up the photo shoot.
Emily made a cute cake in honor of the event

I have a feeling that these two will be watching many more Masters together! 

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  1. Julie and Nick,

    Just saw sweet Graham. He is so precious. I know you are really enjoying that sweet little boy. We are looking forward to our 2nd little boy in August. Margie Grace will have all these little guys under control. She does a good job of keeping Will in line. Congratulations on your sweet baby and enjoy every day with him. They grow up so fast.

    Barbara McCormack (Katie's Mom)