Mar 27, 2012

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Happy Graham. Julie and I took Graham to Camden for the very first time last weekend. I didn’t know what to expect from him during the drive down and I have no experience caring for a child in my boyhood home. But the weekend could not have gone any better! Of course, we had a great time visiting with my parents but I was very proud of the way Graham behaved. He slept almost the entire time in the car, he slept all through the church service (so did Julie) and he was very happy and content during the rest of our visit. Look at this face and tell me he wasn’t happy!

This week, I love The NBA on TNT. Now that the college basketball season is concluding, we can focus on the NBA. The regular season will feature lots of battles for the few remaining playoff spots and the talent level in the league has never been this high across the board. What I’m really looking forward to is more installments of The NBA on TNT, a highlight show broadcasted live from the TNT studios in Atlanta. The host, Ernie Johnson, is accompanied by former players Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille Oneal. The chemistry on the set is unbeatable. Ernie does his best to do play-by-play analysis of game highlights while Chuck and company chip in their expert observations. But most of the time, it’s three guys talkin’ smack over Ernie, which is hilarious! There are a lot of fun segments in the show too. This is the best NBA entertainment television since the days of Ahmad Rashad and Inside Stuff.

This week, I don’t like the run-down conditions at Roland Cooper State Park’s golf course. I played this 9-hole golf course countless times in high school. And even though it has never come close to resembling Augusta National Golf Club, the grounds crew always did their best to manage the course. I played “The Coop” last weekend while in Camden and I was amazed at how run-down the course had become. But it’s not really a surprise, I guess. The State of Alabama funds the upkeep of the course and Wilcox County is responsible for the roads leading to the course (which are in horrible shape too). Here’s the funny thing though: there were a lot of people playing golf this weekend in Camden. Granted, these were the caliber of players that didn’t mind such poor conditions and many were sporting clothing and hats that signified their allegiance to a certain in-state college football team. So, I guess as long as the locals don’t mind and the State is out of money, “The Coop” will remain in this condition.

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