Feb 4, 2012

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Jake and Amir. This duo has been making internet videos since 2007. The videos are short, feature unique humor and are just the right thing when you’re trying to rock a baby to sleep. You may remember Amir from this (obviously scripted) prank video. Sometimes crude but always funny, I’m really glad I came across these videos. I imagine that I act a lot like Amir’s character in my friendships.

This week, I love eating sunflower seeds. This is not a new discovery for me. It’s just the first time I’ve ever shared this love with you. I grew up eating seeds on the baseball diamond as a good-glove-bad-bat first baseman. I often enjoy eating seeds on the golf course (I have to do better about spitting the shells on the greens). But my craving for seeds has increased since Graham arrived. I came across these studies that show new fathers often suffer from drastic drops in sodium levels during the first 2-6 months of their newborn’s lives. So not only am I healing my body but I’m also getting lots of nutrition from this classic snack.  Photo credit to Vernon Bryant.

This week, I don’t like belly putters. It’s happening more and more – younger golfers on professional tours are turning to long-shafted putters to help improve their ability to roll the rock. Traditionalists oppose these putters and proclaim that belly putters allow players to anchor their putters to create an unfair, improved pendulum stroke. I agree and was discouraged when watching highlights of last week’s annual PGA merchandise show. It seems that Titleist is developing an adjustable belly putter, but thankfully this putter has yet to receive USGA approval. I’m sure the club will soon receive “conforming” status and what was once only seen in the bags of senior players will find its way to more local Bammers players. The irony is that as a marketer, I can appreciate a manufacture’s ability to put a new twist on an old standard. Adjustable drivers have been all the rage for the last few years and I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way to make belly putters cool.

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