Jun 4, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the picture-in-picture feature on our TV. I finally figured it out the other night. This is technology beyond my understanding. I know people have been enjoying 2 programs at once since the 1990’s but I’m new to it, OK? For me, the ideal combo for pic-n-pic is a comedy special or a favorite sitcom on the main screen with a sporting event in the smaller screen. Now I can kick back and REALLY relax!

This week, I love Julie’s new GPS device. I gave Julie a Garmin GPS device for her birthday and have used it more than she has. It is amazing how spot-on this thing is. It’s quick too – if you opt for an alternate route or get off course, it will quickly reconfigure your path. I haven’t set CAMDEN, AL as a destination on the Garmin yet but I doubt there will be any troubles. Because we all know…ALL ROADS LEAD TO CAMDEN!

This week, I don’t like waking up on Thursday and thinking that it’s Friday. I do this every week for some reason. As soon as my eyes are open, I’m in a great mood. But I make the realization that it’s only Thursday before my feet hit the floor and I become ill. Not sure why I do this but it is a big let down! I think it is because Wednesdays are such long days for me. I go to bed each Wednesday night with a great sense of accomplishment and that feeling probably triggers the false mindset that the next day is Friday.

Finger Update! Only one quick picture to show you but I will say things are going much better. June 8th is the two-month mark since my injury. I made a big breakthrough just the other day when I began typing with the finger in question. I have even been able to write normally as of late too. Who would have imagined that it would take nearly 2 months for me to use my finger again? Best of all, the “hump” is flattening out more and more each day.

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