Jun 9, 2013

Mr. Mac

A month or so ago I started taking Graham to the library for their weekly story time.  For the most part he enjoyed it.  He loved the songs and the bubbles at the end, but the actual story time was spent chasing him around the room or getting him away from the other kids who were sitting there quietly listening to the story.

I noticed this "Mr. Mac" weekly activity that was offered on a different day of the week so G and I decided to give it a shot.

Here we are at first.  Standing in the back of the room...just taking it all in. 

More kids start to show up, but we are still sticking close and not quite sure about it.

Starting to warm up.

After a few more songs....he was ready to go.  Not sure if you can tell, but he is standing directly in front of Mr. Mac.

No fear.  He even started to beat on the banjo case like it was a drum.

I think we may swap story time for Mr. Mac from now on.  I am so thankful that our library offers such fun activities for kids!  We will certainly be back!

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  1. G-Mac and Mr. Mac! Love the pic of him standing right in front... no fear is right.