Jun 28, 2013

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Randy Johnson’s hobby. Randy Johnson retired from his job as a Major League Baseball pitcher in 2009. Since then, Randy’s passion for photography has filled his days. As he mentioned on his well-done website, Randy was a photojournalism major when he pitched at the University of Southern California and kept up his hobby through the course of his 20-year MLB career. I came across his website via his Twitter account and it appears that the man knows what he’s doing. This seems to show a softer side of Randy, who was known as one of baseball’s grumpiest players during his career. At 6’10”, he’s one of the tallest players in MLB history. He was a terrific pitcher...batters (and birds) feared him.

This week, I love the idea of ‘going Google’. I don’t have a laptop, but I would like one. When making purchases, brand loyalty often influences my decisions more than any other factor. Since I have an iPhone, I would naturally want to pair it with a MacBook, right? Actually, that’s not the case in this instance. I've been noticing what other companies are doing in the smartphone market – especially the phones that use the Android operating system (as compared to Apple’s iOS). Android is owned by Google and I’m a big fan of all things Google (YouTube, Google+, Google search, etc.). Can you see how my brand loyalty is sneaking back into the equation? So, I guess before I get a laptop, I will seriously consider getting something other than an iPhone – preferably a Samsung Galaxy S4. Then I could get something like a Chromebook. I really like Google’s Chrome browser and Google Drive’s ability to back up everything on a cloud service really appeals to me.

I don’t dislike my iPhone. But I’m very excited to see Apple’s competitive advantage shrinking by the day. Just like in any other industry, we - - the consumers - - win because healthy competition gives us the best products possible.

This week, I don’t like possums. I happened to look out a window the other night just in time to observe a possum emerging from beneath our ground-level deck. I knew exactly what this was creature was but my mind tried desperately to convince me that I was seeing a cat with a severely deformed head and shaved tail. Once it was fully out from underneath the deck, the possum paused in the yard to allow its eyes to adjust to our porch lights. That’s when I got a good, long look at this disgusting and vile animal. Who knows how long this…thing…has been residing so close to Graham’s little swimming pool? Who knows if this gross...thing...has drank from or even swam in Graham’s little pool? I don’t have the answer to these and many other questions but I do know that this possum must leave. A Google search informed me that possums aren't big fans of moth balls. Maybe that will work. I’ll keep you posted.

Not the possum at our house, but very similar in disgustingness.

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