Jun 6, 2013

Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast.  Some people prefer a full spread, others grab a granola bar on their way out the door and some skip it all together.   I would say that we fall somewhere in the middle...weekdays are pretty much cereal, Eggos or a granola bar, but we usually try and do something a little more special on the weekends and make a point to all sit down together.

When I was growing up breakfast wasn't a priority, but on special occasions breakfast provided some of my fondest childhood memories.  Once in a while my mom would make homemade donuts out of canned biscuits.  We (meaning me, my brother and my sister) would get to roll out the biscuits and make the hole in the middle which was big time fun!  Another breakfast memory was with my Uncle and Grandfather.  My family would make many trips to Auburn (where my Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle lived) for football game weekends.  The kids would always wake up early and my uncle and my Granddad  would take the kids to get breakfast then go to the eagles cage.  It was awesome! 

My dad and I are the two early birds in our family which worked out really well for some quality father/daughter time.  Anytime we were on vacation Dad and I would venture out together and have a fabulous breakfast and enjoy conversation together.  Even to this day when I am home we are usually up before everyone else, and we get to share that time together.

With all of that said I was determined to come up with a fun family tradition that involved breakfast.  After tossing around some ideas we decided that we would attempt to go out for breakfast as a family every month or so.  Something to look forward to and a great way to try out all of the breakfast places around town.

Our inaugural outing was as few weeks ago, and we went to Hamburger Heaven.  The food was so-so (they are much better at burgers and onion rings), but the company was outstanding!  Looking forward to making many more breakfast memories!

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