Aug 5, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the freedom of choice. The bruises are still healing from the A/C unit purchases so we will once again stay close to home this weekend. Not to fear - there's plenty to do at home. We can do some yard work, smock, practice calligraphy or just watch TV. I like the comfort that comes with having choices.

This week, I love my parents. My dad calls the other night. Julie answers the phone. Julie and Dad proceed to have a 45 minute conversation before Mom gets on the line. Even though they talk to Julie more than me now, I still love them. I am ready to see them soon.

This week, I don't like the favoritism shown to Tiger Woods by the golf media. Yeah, I get it. He's brought more people to the game and golf would not be as popular without him. But, let me get this straight: Tiger wins the dinky Buick Open this past weekend and dominates ALL golf highlights (same weekend as Women's British Open and Senior US Open) but when he misses the cut at the Open Championship, it's not a big deal. Have I got that right? OK, good.

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