Apr 27, 2012

Celebrity ReTweets 19-15

Hi there! Sorry for the delay but things have been busy…which is good! Here are the next entries in my “30 ReTweets in 30 Days” exercise.

Sunday, April 8th @bubbawatson
It was a nice Easter Sunday and we enjoyed watching the final round of the Masters with our great friends, the Branches. Bubba Watson hit an AMAZING shot on the second playoff hole to wrap up the green jacket. A nicer person couldn’t have won and hours after his victory, I congratulated Bubba via Twitter.

My Tweet: Very happy for @bubbawatson! #MastersChamp

Response Time: None
Why I think Bubba didn’t respond: Bubba was a slightly busy in the moments and days after his victory. It’s cool though. I don’t blame him.

Monday, April 9th @AUMensGolf
Auburn fields a great men’s AND women’s team this year. The day after Bubba’s big victory, I was still thinking about that tremendous shot and how no ordinary person could pull it off. I decided to ask the Auburn men’s golf team is they could duplicate the shot.

My Tweet: 153 yards, 40 yard hook, 53 degree wedge. I wonder if any of the guys on the @AUMensGolf team have got that shot!!
Response Time: None
Why I think the golf team didn’t respond: Not sure. Guess it’s obvious that none of the guys on the team can hit that shot!

Tuesday, April 10th @RutledgeWood
Rutledge Wood is one of the hosts of the American version of Top Gear, as seen on The History Channel. He’s a very knowledgeable car guy and has a twinge of Southernease in him (he was born in B’ham). I recently watched an episode of Top Gear in which the guys highlighted the worst cars ever assembled. Rutledge featured the Pontiac Aztec. Weirdly enough, I saw an Aztec on my way to work a few days later and had to let Rut know about it.

My Tweet: Hey @RutledgeWood – I saw and actual, functioning Aztec on my way to work this AM. Can I get an RT for that?
Response Time: Within 2 hours
Additional Comments: “hahaha nice! They’re out there!”

Very cool of Rut to acknowledge my Aztec sighting! He’s a very nice guy and a look at his Twitter feed shows that he interacts with lots of his followers. But I still felt special!

Wednesday, April 18th
I hate to disappoint but I didn’t work for a ReTweet on this date. It felt bad to end my streak but it was a long day at work. I’m really kicking myself for this!

Thursday, April 19th @RedLobster
It was “National Grill Cheese Day” and all of Twitter was abuzz with hashtags commemorating this stupid occasion. If I’m going to tweet about what food for which I was hankering, it would be Red Lobster. ReLo is probably the best restaurant ever and an easy pick when you need a romantic dining destination. Surely they would give me some retweet love for giving them a shout-out on Grill Cheese Day, right?

My Tweet: I don’t care if it is National Grill Cheese Day, I’d rather be at @redlobster! Can I get an RT?
Response Time: None
Why I think Red Lobster didn’t respond: This stupid Twitter account isn’t even verified. It’s probably not the official Red Lobster account. They wouldn’t recognize loyalty if it stepped on their butter-drenched tail!

Not bad but my percentage of receiving a retweet is starting to decline. Click here to see previous attempts and check back to see future Twitter begging!

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