Apr 9, 2012

Celebrity ReTweets 24-20

The retweet challenge continues! Here's attempts 24 through 20...

Tuesday, April 3rd. @TurnerSportsEJ

Ernie Johnson is the figurehead for Turner Sports. He does it all for them - from the NBA to major championship golf. He's best known for being the straight man for Inside the NBA on TNT, a studio show for which I professed my love recently. Side note: Johnson earned the nickname "Elevator Ernie" for his impressive leaping skills during a slam dunk contest back in the '80s.

My Tweet: Hey @TurnerSportsEJ can I please get an RT for wishing I had mad Elevator Ernie hops?

Response Time: Within 1 hour.
Additional comments: none
I think the mention of his athletic ability earned me the retweet. I was impressed with this one even though it appears that this act of kindness is something that Ernie practices frequently.

Wednesday, April 4th. @franknobilogc

It's the day before the Masters tournament begins and I can't get enough coverage. Earlier in the day, I was impressed with the reporting of Frank Nobilo, a former professional golfer from New Zealand who is now known better for his stylish beard and his outstanding analyst skills he puts on display for Golf Channel.  I happened to notice that I was sitting on 999 tweets.  So, I paid tribute to Frank with my next tweet.

My Tweet: I'm dedicating my 1000th to hardworking @FrankNobiloGC in hopes he'll retweet me from Augusta.

Response time: Within 15 minutes.
Additional comments: "Nick, any tweet like that guarantees a response. Cheers"
How cool is Frank Nobilo?!?!  I received a retweet from a widely-known analyst from the site of the best-known golf tournament! I was blown away with Frank's kindness!

Thursday, April 5th. @richthomaswsfa

Rich Thomas has been the lead meteorologist for WSFA in Montgomery for 162 years.  And he has not aged one day.  I was suffering from allergies and wished for a big rainstorm to wash away any remaining pollen. Any time I make weather wishes, I think about Rich Thomas.  So, I looked him up on Twitter.

My Tweet: My allergies have STILL got me down. A retweet from @richthomaswsfa would make me feel MUCH better!

Response Time: None.
Why I think Rich didn't respond: A look at Rich's timeline reveals that, just like in real life, he's strictly business.  He only communicates weather updates and reminders about his upcoming TV segments through his Twitter account.

Friday, April 6th. @TheRevAl

Al Sharpton has been in the news recently for the same reason he is always in the news: for playing the race card and not letting racism die in this country.  This was Good Friday and if there was any day that the good pastor could drop his defenses and actually do something positive, this would be the day.  It was late in the day but I was going to offer an olive branch via Twitter.

My Tweet: As Good Friday concludes, I ask for a retweet from @TheRevAl to improve race relations and mankind.

Response Time: None.
Why I think Reverend Sharpton didn't respond: He was probably too busy searching for his next opportunity to be on TV.  He's been doing that a long time, ya know. 

Saturday, April 7th. @HighlandParkAL

This one is a little questionable, but I'm going to count it.  Shortly after tweeting to Reverend Sharpton on the 6th, I tweeted that, on the following day, I would be playing a round of golf at Highland Park in Birmingham, which happens to have its own Twitter account. 

My Tweet: Playing @HighlandGolfAL with @Claymb tomorrow. #GoLow

Response Time: 15 hours
Additional comments: None.

When I received notification that Highland Park had retweeted me, my playing group was third in line to tee off on a very crowded tee box.  I felt this logjam was a product of the course's recent decision to require all carts to remain on the cartpaths.  I bit my cyber tongue at the time but did voice my disappointment after the round.

My Tweet: Had a good time at @HighlandGolfAL but wish they would rethink cartpath-only decision. Loooong round.

Would you believe that this comment also got a retweet?

Response Time: 2 days
Additional comments: "Glad u had a great time! Carts on path help keep our course in the best shape possible 4 our golfers. Hope 2 see u back soon!"

I will say that it's good of the Highland Park management staff to respond like this.  But it doesn't make me think that they'll be dropping their new rule anytime soon. 

Thanks again for reading.  This has been a very interesting experiment.  Check out 30-25 if you missed and and come back soon!

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