Sep 16, 2011

Making of a Nursery - Part 2

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We have been busy working away on the nursery and making other preparations for this little ones arrival.  In this post I am going to update you on the crib and crib bedding. 

There are so many beautiful cribs out there that it is difficult to choose, but in the end I decided to go with the classic white Jenny Lind.  This is the same style crib that both Nick and I had when we were babies, and I still love the timeless spindles and simplicity of it. Obviously there are a lot of other people who like this crib as was out of stock most everywhere I tried.  But we did manage to find one
(what would we do without the internet), and it came in a few weeks ago.

Nick jumped right on it and began putting it together.

Not really.  Nick studied the directions while pregnant wife held together all 5 pieces.  He thought he was pretty funny snapping pictures of me like this.

But now that the sides don't raise and lower...cribs are pretty simple to put together as long as you have someone to hold everything together!

Crib Skirt
Next on the agenda was the crib skirt.  A while back I stumbled on this post at Urban Grace Interiors Blog.  Erika (the owner) was documenting her nursery transformation and mentioned how she prefers to make crib skirts.  I won't go into detail because you can read her post if you are interested, but the gist is that each panel is separate and adjustable so that the skirt will always hit the floor regardless of the mattress being raised or lowered. Love that!

So off I went and made the skirt panels.  

Bumper Pads
Before everyone starts emailing me and telling me that bumper pads are no longer being used or are considered unsafe...just know that I am aware of the concerns and we may end up removing them at some point, but for now we have them!  Again I went very simple on the bumper pads...white with blue cording and ties.  Don't worry I will be mixing in some fun colors with pillows, art, rocker, and basket liners!  I started off by ordering the bumper pad inserts from here.  I am really pleased with the quality and the height of these as opposed to the ones that you can purchase at Buy Buy Baby or fabric stores.  The kits comes with the inserts, zipper, elastic to make a crib sheet and instructions on how to put them all together.  Here is how they turned out.

I do realize that we are missing a key component...the mattress.  That is on the list and hopefully we will be getting one soon, but for now you get the idea.  I am still not settled on the ties either.  I made them long so that I would have the option of doing bows, but the knots seem to be more appropriate for a boy.  Who knows I may change my mind.

There are several other pieces of the nursery that are coming together, and I hope to be able to post about those soon.

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