Sep 20, 2011

Come on Down! You're the next contestant on the.....

No I didn't get on the Price Is Right though I have always thought that would be so much fun.  Do any of you remember Supermarket Sweep?  Yeah I am the dork who really wanted to be on that show too!

Probably wont be getting on any game shows anytime soon, and I never really win anything.  My brother won a free cruise once, and Nick recently won a "closest to the pin contest" at a golf tournament and won a free round of golf in a contest he entered.  Well folks this past Saturday was my day!

It was a simple little giveaway on a blog and the prize was about a $12.00 value...but I WON!  Our cousin Katie Wilder recently told me about this blog which is written by a lady who writes a lot of sewing patterns that I use.  Last week she posted a question to her readers, "When do you find time to sew?"  She said that if you responded she would choose a person on Saturday and they would get their choice of any of her patterns.

I thought....why not.  This was my response to her question:

"I work full time so I sew the most in the evenings and on the weekends. But we are expecting our first baby so I have kicked the sewing into high gear and try to do as much as I can whenever I can!!!"

Much to my surprise when I woke up on Sunday morning I saw that I had been chosen as a winner out of 123 people who commented! 

I already own several of Michie's patterns, but I have had my eye on this one for a while so I should be receiving it in the mail this week!

Now I have even more reasons to keep the sewing machine humming!  It is so much fun to finally have a reason to sew!

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