Apr 26, 2011

Live, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the Royal Wedding. I may not wake up early to watch it live but I’ll definitely DVR the wedding. I’ve been visiting the official wedding website like crazy. I can’t explain my interest. Maybe it’s because people used to mistake me for William when he had more hair? Maybe it’s because my sister-in-law currently lives in London? Maybe it’s because the Queen and her husband are actually cousins? Who knows? Now that I am married, I know what goes into the partnership that a marriage really is. If done properly, it will be neat to think that William and Kate will be enjoying what I have with Julie. Sidenote: Earlier this week, I learned that Kate’s parents are self-made millionaires. So there goes the “rags to riches” story.

This week, I love Cadbury Eggs. I actually love Cadbury Eggs year-round but it seems that you only get to buy them right before Easter. I wrote the company to pitch my idea of selling the white and yellow filling in tubes. I’m still waiting for their reply. I always express my appreciation of these treats and the joy I get from eating them but no one ever takes advantage of the post-Easter candy sales for me. Maybe this will be the year. GET SOME TODAY!

This week, I don’t like bugs on the windshield. Julie and I traveled to my hometown of Camden for Easter weekend. Night had fallen by the time we approached the city limits. Given the undeveloped outskirts and tall grass on the side of the road, the number of bugs drawn to our headlights (and thus, the windshield) reached the low millions. Bug guts everywhere. I guess that’s one perk to being stuck in Bammerham traffic: it’s hard to bring a bug’s life to a squishy end if you’re only going 2 mph!

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  1. Never have I wanted a DVR sooooo badly than this week of the Royal Wedding! I think ABC is going to have the best coverage. Do I dare attempt to get up & watch it live, then proceed to work a full 8-hour day? Love the Cadbury video. Easter candy is #1.