May 10, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the Regions Tradition. Thanks to our good friend Emily, I got to enjoy the 3rd and 4th rounds of this Champions Tour major in person. I've never been to Shoal Creek before but I was quickly impressed with the clubhouse, the course and the way the tournament was operated. I enjoyed walking the course with my good friend Clay (Emily's husband) on Saturday. We'll always have a funny story about my extremely awkward exchange with then-leader Mark Calcavecchia. I may or may not have caused him to lose the tournament. Julie joined us on Sunday but I think the heat impacted her experience. Being a major tournament, this was very special for me. I really enjoyed my time and can't thank Emily enough!

(Pause the video at the 1:40 mark and you'll see Julie, Clay and me directly under the tree in the background.)

This week, I love being in better shape. I've been walking laps and running stadium steps at Heardmont Park here in the B'ham area and it has really made me feel better. It's true what they say about exercising giving you more energy and my knees aren't as "noisy" when picking items up. I try to go walking every day after work and I am actually finding myself looking forward exercising. We'll see how that holds up in August! If I could get some help at home with my evening food consumption, I would be losing a lot of weight. And I know you are wondering: yes, my golf swing has improved with my new, stronger legs.

This week, I don't like judging people. While enjoying the Regions Tradition on Sunday, I couldn't help but to notice the numerous Alabama football fans sporting full gameday gear throughout the galleries. I a major golf tournament not even sacred? As I listened to countless shouts of "Rohl Tahd" to classy players like Loren Roberts and Tom Watson, I shared some quick-witted observations about these people with my friend. But later at home, I remembered that morning's Sunday school lesson about judging people. Why am I so quick to work up a judgement about some random person in Alabama garb and why do I think that I won't be judged on my appearance or actions by other people? Maybe human nature wires us like that but I am thankful for the challenges sent my way and for the opportunity to use these challenges to become a better person. I don't want to be so quick to judge people!

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