Jan 23, 2011

Organization - Patterns

One of my new years resolutions (that I am determined to KEEP) is getting my house (and my life) organized.  I do a good job (usually) of keeping everything tidy and neat, but when it comes down to nitty gritty organization...I could use some work!

I figure if I blog about it that #1 all of you will hold me accountable and #2 maybe you will suggest some of your own organizational ideas!  I am always open to suggestions.

So last week I organized my pantry....which by the way I am LOVING!  I breathe so much easier every time I open that door!!!

This week I tackled my sewing patterns.  Now I know everyone doesn't have this problem, but a lot of you do sew because I follow your blogs and see all of your wonderful creations...so who knows maybe your patterns are a mess like mine. 

Ok So I started out with my green basket and I was trying to refold the tissue and stuff it back into the original sleeve.  Took me about three times to realize there are not enough hours in the day to ever figure out how to refold those stupid things.  Then it was onto the hanger method.  This worked for a while, but occasionally pattern pieces would fall off and I would loose them not to mention that it was a pain having them hang in my ohhh so tiny sewing closet (it is actually our hot water heater closet).

So after some research I opted to go with the file folder method.  This is how it works...

I purchased a LEGAL size plastic file box.  I really think it is important to use legal rather than letter.  Letter size just wont be large enough for some of the larger pattern pieces.  This box was around $14 at Office Max, but they sent me a $10 off of $20 coupon this week so I got this and some tabs for $10!

I added some file folders which I already had.

Then I started placing my patterns in ziploc bags (I used quart size).  For each pattern I placed one size in the each bag.

So my Lettie (that is the pattern name) folder has the original sleeve with instructions, a bag with Size 1, a bag with Size 2, and a bag with Size 3.

Then I put them in alphabetical order by pattern name and made labels.

All Done!  Nice, neat and organized!!!!  One of the benefits to this method is that if/when someone needs to borrow a pattern I can give them the size they need without having to give them the whole pattern (and chance something getting misplaced or lost).

What to organize next??????

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  1. Oh Gosh! I need to do this. Thanks for sharing. I came across a whole box of patterns a few weeks ago and I just wanted to throw my arms with what to do with them. I need to do this. It would help me tremendously!