Jan 21, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the Cubs' chances of winning the World Series in 2011. Many fans of the Chicago Cubs find a source of pride in the fact that the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 (haven't been to the big show since 1945). There's a bit of mystique there, for sure. But the stars are lining up for the Cubs to finally win it all again. Why am I so confident? Because ALL of my favorite teams/athletes are on a roll. Auburn just won the college football national championship, Duke is on their way to winning a second straight college basketball championship and Phil Mickelson could very well win his second straight Masters Golf Tournament in a few months.

OK, so I adopted the Sacramento Kings as my favorite NBA team before this season started and they are currently the 2nd worst team in the league. I'm not an expert. The Cubs have a new manager, some new players and will be running on high emotions after the recent death of local icon Ron Santo. They may not win it all this year but it will definitely be an interesting season!

This week, I love (recent) history. My company is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. I performed some light research to determine the more significant events that have occurred since my company opened for business. You know what? A lot of interesting stuff has happened in the last 75 years! I never enjoyed history classes because I couldn't relate to things that happened in the 1600's. But I find that the closer the even happened to my lifetime, the more interest I'll show in that event. Landing on the moon, inventions, cultural moments - stuff like that. I want to learn more about World War II now. If there is a must-read book about WWII out there, let me know about it!

This week, I don't like being torn about not attending the viewing of Auburn's BCS Coach's Trophy. The trophy was paraded at a few Wal Marts in Georgia and Alabama last week. It also made a stop very near to our house here in Birmingham. I figured that since this location was an Academy Sports and not a Wal Mart, it wouldn't be considered too tacky if I were to have my photo taken with the trophy. I really, really, really wanted to go but opted not to at the last moment. I had that rotten feeling you get when you pass up one of those "now or never" moments. But, it turns out that A LOT of people went with their gut feeling. I'm glad I missed that big crowd. I'm not sure about the caliber of fans at the Academy Sports though. Reports show that some interesting characters showed up at the Wal Mart stops prior to the Birmingham appearance.

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