May 19, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like making lists at work. More specifically, I like crossing things off my list. Jotting down my “to do” list is a new practice for me (my wife, the eternal planner, must be rubbing off on me!). It really helps me stay on track and get stuff done. Plus, it makes the day go by much faster. So I can get to the weekend faster. I’ve yet to discover a way to make the weekends last longer though. I’ll keep you posted.

This week, I love not having a car payment. Julie and I paid off my truck a little early and it feels great! This, unfortunately, will be a fleeting sensation as we will begin looking for new cars soon. Our biggest challenge will not be financing or negotiating but battling my sweet wife’s indecisiveness. We’ve identified 3 potential candidates and we’ll start looking around this week.

This week, I don’t like the Golf Channel’s lackadaisical coverage of the Regions Charity Classic. First, a big thank-you goes to our friend Emily for going above and beyond our request for tickets. Thank you Emily! Julie and I took in the sights of this Champions Tour event on Sunday. We saw lots of the all-time greats you expect to see: Bernhard Langer, Andy Bean, Fuzzy Zoeller, Fred Funk, Hal Sutton and many more. Though Birmingham may not be a top-tier city, this event draws a lot of the top golfers on the tour and Emily and her group put on a fantastic show. However, when watching the final round replay on the Golf Channel, I was disappointed that the coverage mainly consisted of shots from only the last group of the day (the leaders)…and only their final 9 holes! I don’t know what all goes into covering a golf tournament. Tour officials didn’t do the tournament any favors when they decided to accelerate the ending of the tournament by having groups tee off on both #1 and #10 due to a concern about inclement weather. I get that. But the TV coverage was still lacking. It was almost routine: final group hits their shots, cut to commercial…final group hits their shots, cut to commercial. There were almost no other shots seen from other players at other holes. Needless to say, it was neat to see how the pros play a course that I’ve played. Congrats to the winner, Dan Forsman. My buddy Clay (Emily's husband) actually got to play in the Pro-Am with Forsman earlier in the week! One has to wonder if Dan would have pulled it off had it not been for Clay.

Here are a couple of videos from the tournament:

The highlight for me was being allowed to walk up the 18th fairway after the final group with my boy Clay. Here’s a photo from the Birmingham News. Can you spot us? Hint: we both have on white hats.

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