Apr 25, 2010

Finger Update!

The two-week mark has passed since I was attacked by a pig. Last week, my stitches were removed in under 2 minutes. I’m now allowed to get the cut area wet but I can’t soak the area. This new freedom has been very helpful in getting some of that crusty black stuff out of the way. Here is an updated pic.

The “flap”, as stated by the clinic doctor, is indeed dying more and more each day. The skin is hardening like a big hangnail. To prevent snags on my clothing, I am using one of Julie’s nail files to soften the edges. I know – that’s disgusting…but you asked for details. Actually, you didn’t. My bad. But you have to heck out this other angle:

See the hump? Yeah, no feeling in that whatsoever. The rest of my finger tip has come back to life though and I have full flexibility. No pain unless I bump the cut…which I did at work the other day and it hurt so bad that I just knew it was going to start gushing my DNA again. But it didn’t. I am planning on a return to the golf course in early May. Thank you for your continued prayers and the flowers from the anonymous sources. You really know how to make a boy blush!

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