Dec 5, 2013

Thoughts on the 2013 Iron Bowl

  • I turned down my mother-in-law's last minute and very generous offer to attend this game. I jokingly (but not really) said that my blood pressure could not withstand that atmosphere. I now know that had I attended the game, I surely would have succumbed to cardiac arrest. 
  • I was very impressed with the support and tenacity that was exhibited by The Auburn Family. From a former player's pep talk to the glorious booing of Paul Finebaum during his appearance on ESPN's College GameDay to the unimaginable crowd seen at Tiger Walk, Auburn fans were out in force before, during and after the game. 
Courtesy - Bleacher Report
  • I am so, so glad that AJ McCarron's 99-yard touchdown pass isn't the most memorable play from this game.
  • I need to give credit to Rod Bramblett. Within a three week span, he perfectly described two miraculous, game-ending plays as they happened. I owe Rod an apology for being so critical of him in an earlier post. Rod is a hard working man. This is the time of year in which Rod's duties for football and basketball overlap. Plus, he is frequently called on to lend his talents to activities such as Tim Hudson’s celebrity home run derby, which was held on Iron Bowl weekend. I should not fail to mention that Stan White's “OH MY GOSH” was the absolute best part of Rod's Kick Six call. I would love to have Stan's jubilant cry as my ringtone - someone please make this happen. You know you want to watch it again: 
  • I cannot believe the number of fan reaction videos that have emerged after the Iron Bowl. I have so many questions and thoughts about this phenomenon. 
    • When did so many people begin having enough foresight to capture their reactions to live events? I'm blown away by this notion. 
    • The many, many reaction videos that I have watched have allowed me to arrive at this conclusion about fans that did not attend the game: Most Auburn fans watched the game in the comfort of their homes and most Alabama fans watched the game at their favorite restaurant, bar or…shopping mall. 
    • From the numerous reaction videos I watched, I also deduced that there were far too many "mixed" viewing parties enjoying this year's Iron Bowl. I was really shocked to see how frequently this occurred. Gathering Auburn and Alabama fans in the same confines to watch this game on TV is never a good idea. Then again, it seems that it's even more dangerous for Alabama fans to watch the game with other Alabama fans
    • Lastly, I was disappointed with some of the reaction videos produced by Auburn fans that were clearly staged and in no way recorded "in the moment". I'm looking at you, Auburn pool guy
  • Was this the best Iron Bowl ever? Was this the best college football game ever? Was this the best sporting event ever? Many in the national media are lending their opinions to these questions and the answer seems to be "YES" to all three! From Brian Williams to Barbara Walters, the Tigers are getting lots of love for the incredible ending to this game. 
  • The overhead shot that showed every inch of Pat Dye Field covered by the celebrating crowd was a truly amazing scene. 
Courtesy - ESPN
  • Someone's cremated remains were dumped onto Pat Dye Field during the post-game celebration. Let that sink in for a moment. Whoever was responsible for this act had planned on getting onto that field one way or the other. That's bold. True story: a few seasons ago, I stopped at the Chevron on the corner of Glenn and College as I made my way to Jordan-Hare stadium. I purchased one of those slender sleeves of sunflower seeds to enjoy during the game. One of the security personnel that screens fans as they enter the stadium detected the seeds on my person and instructed me to throw them away. How someone managed to bring cremated human remains into that stadium is beyond me! 
  • Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs kissed Gus Malzahn mere seconds after the game ended. Jay's hot seat has significantly cooled thanks to Gus's success and will remain at that temperature until basketball season is in full swing. Watch for the kiss near the end of this clip.
  • Remember Ricardo! Let's not forget about Ricardo Louis and his amazing, game-winning catch against Georgia! Ask yourself this question: Would the Kick Six play more or less exciting had the Prayer at Jordan-Hare not occurred in the previous game? I say less. You see, Ricardo's catch whetted our appetite for miracles. 
  • I honestly did not think that Alabama’s backup kicker Adam Griffith would make the 57-yard field goal to win the game. I was fully preparing for overtime. I didn't think Chris Davis would make it very far out of the endzone. I was sure that the refs would say that Chris stepped out of bounds on the Auburn sideline. 
  • Let's not overlook Mizzou. The SEC Championship game against Missouri will certainly be yet another difficult challenge. I'm guilty of relishing Auburn's Iron Bowl victory without even giving Mizzou the first thought - and the game is only a few days away. 
  • One more video - and this one is unedited, real-time footage of the Kick Six play as seen from the Alabama sideline. What's spectacular about this video is all that you see once the play is over. Auburn's Ryan Smith (#24) confidently flexes in front of a stunned Alabama team. Nick Saban silently exits the field with no one around him except two Alabama State Troopers. The Alabama cheerleaders stand motionless on the sidelines. A speechless (!!!) Scott Cochran turns back towards the field just before entering the visitor’s tunnel as if he expects the refs to negate the Kick Six play and call the teams back out. Stud Freshmen OJ Howard (Alabama - TE) and Carl Lawson (Auburn - DE) embrace on the field as do fellow Freshmen Jeremy Johnson (Auburn - QB) and Reuben Foster (Alabama - LB), who now sports a large afro along with his Auburn tattoo. Oh, and there's Bo Jackson on the field too! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best video associated with the 2013 Iron Bowl:

  • The 2013 Iron Bowl was a rollercoaster of a game and featured the absolute worst way a two-time defending national champion could lose to their rivals. What happened on the field on November 30th, 2013, is enough to qualify this game as one of the classics. All of the craziness that happened after the game only added to its legacy.

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  1. Great post! I love your commentary, since I did not see the game. (Still haven't seen it in its entirety...) There are so many nuggets in that last video -- first and foremost, the deafening crowd noise. It was SO. LOUD. Also, did you see the UA coach and player huddled together over a cell phone? I would love to know what they could possibly be looking at in that moment. The best was Bo. War Eagle, NNB!