Nov 19, 2013

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Val Kilmer. I recently watched Oliver Stone's The Doors for the first time. Even though this movie was your typically weird Oliver Stone film, it helped me learn about this band and also remember that Val Kilmer was the man in the 1990's. This realization prompted me to look back at Kilmer's career. You won't believe what one of the more questionable choices to play Batman is doing these days.

Yes, this is real. And yes, this is great acting. Visit the official Citizen Twain website for more details about this show. Kilmer's a great follow on Twitter too.

This week, I love watching Graham color. Graham's wonderful mommy goes to great lengths to make sure he stays entertained all day. He's recently taken a liking to coloring. It was never one of my favorite activities but I can't resist when he tugs on my hand to sit down and join him in a coloring session. He's mastered the basic scribble and can sorta say "blue" now. It's fun to watch him give it his best try. Sometimes he uses his left hand, sometimes he uses his right hand, sometimes he uses both hands annnnd sometimes he does this:

This week, I don't like John Calipari's recruiting success. In a past post, I mentioned the incredible achievement of Duke and Michigan to land four McDonald's All-Americans in the same recruiting class. Well, that number has now been eclipsed by John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. They managed to sign six All-American's in this year's class. Calipari has been the head coach at Kentucky since 2009. Each year he has recruited a stellar Freshman class and each year they all left school once the season concluded. This year will be no different. What really bugs me is that Kentucky was the preseason #1 ranked team in the country. I don't know how a bunch of unproven players that have yet to play in a college game can influence the polls like that. Don't get me wrong - Kentucky is good. But they've already lost a big-time game this season. All I can say is....GO DUKE.

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  1. Good post! That photo captures Grahambo's personality perfectly.