May 14, 2013

New Look

A little bit of what is going on in my brain:

-  With the warmer weather and changing of the season...I am itching for change.  I am growing my hair out (it's the longest its been since...wait I cant remember if it was ever this long) and thinking about getting a body wave!  I am making small changes to our house...nothing major just a little redecorating here and there.

-  Simplify.  Doing my best to lead a more simplified life.  I want to spend my time focusing and enjoying the important things and not all of the FLUFF that tends to consume my days.  Taking long walks, going to the park, prayer, family meals around the table...these are the things that matter and that I desire to spend my days doing.  So if there are instant mashed potatoes that taste just a good as all means let's simplify!

-  Navy and White...I am slightly obsessed with these two colors.  Chances are if you see me I will be wearing this color combination...and Graham probably will too.  I recently purchased some navy and white stripe sheets simply because I loved them. Don't have any use for them at the moment, but maybe one day.

-  I have this thing for crabs.  I know it sounds silly, but I do.  They remind me of Summer, the beach, my childhood, little boys (which I am partial to at the moment), The Little Mermaid, and they are red (at lease some species).  Red isn't necessarily my favorite color; but my mom always told me that red was my best color, and I have to admit that I am drawn to it.  Maybe because in EVERY picture of me as a child I was wearing red.  When my mom likes something she sticks with it!  And let's face it red is the perfect accent color for navy and white.

With all of that in mind...the blog got a new look.  It's a change (which it needed).  It's more fussy background.  It's navy and white.  And oh how I love that little crab!

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