Jan 24, 2013

UPDATE 30 Bags in 30 Days

Several people have told me that they are doing their own 30 bags in 30 days so please let me know how you are progressing.  I will fist admit the 1 a day may have been a little ambitious, but I'm not letting that get me down.  I tackle one as time permits, and so far I've struck 6 from my list.  This is what my list looks like currently:

1       Office
2    Kitchen drawers
3    Kitchen cabinets  ½
      Kitchen cabinets  ½
5    Under the sink cabinet
6     Refrigerator
8    Pantry
9        Front room closet
1       Under the stairs closet
      Entertainment center
1    Console
1     Laundry room shelves
1      Laundry room floor
        Grahams closet
        Grahams drawers
1      Magazines
1      Closet “my clothes”
1      Closet “my shoes”
2    Dresser
       Bedside Table
2    Under the bed
2     Jewelry drawer
2    Makeup bag
2    Under my sink
2    Bathroom top drawer
2     Sewing table
2     Bar area
2    Wine cabinet
3    My car
       I have to admit I am really enjoying the process.  It is so refreshing to get rid of the junk/clutter, and I having things clean and organized simply make me happy.  Not to mention that in my cleaning out I have posted several things for sale on Craigslist, and I've already made $80!  Clean house and making money...who doesn't love that.

      Here are a few before and after pictures to prove that I really have been working!
      Refrigerator BEFORE

Refrigerator AFTER

Under the kitchen sink BEFORE

Under the kitchen sink AFTER

I have also been keeping up with my one new recipe a week resolution, and I will be back shortly to share those with you.

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