Jan 1, 2013


I do typically make New Years resolutions...can't say that I am the best at keeping them, but it makes me feel good to think that I have a little bit of a "plan" for the new year.  There isn't anything really exciting about these resolutions, but they are mine, and I thought I would share them here.  Maybe I will do a follow up post in a few months and see how I'm progressing....

1.  30 Bags in 30 Days - I saw this idea on Pinterest a few months ago and thought that it was a great idea.  Actually the original girl did 40 bags in 40 days, but I could only come up with 30 (our house isn't that big).  Here is the link her blog in case you are interested in joining in on the fun!  I figure it is a challenge and I LOVE to declutter!  They did theirs for Lent, but I hope to get started soon!

2.  Quiet Time/ Bible Study - This past year I have really let my quiet time slip.  Maybe because there really aren't very many times that our house is quiet.  But nonetheless I miss my time each day alone with the Lord and I am determined to find a time that I can be alone each day.  Also I want to get back involved in a Bible Study.  Before Graham arrived I was for the most part always participating in a weekly study.  I always cherish that time with other women and am anxious to get plugged.  I have actually already signed up for the "Idol Addiction" study that my church (Covenant Presbyterian) is starting in January.  If you live in the Birmingham area and are interested in joining me here is a link to all of the studies that are being offered at Covenant this winter.

3.Create and Maintain a House Cleaning Schedule - I have tried to do this in the past, and I never seemed to keep it up, but I am DETERMINED to be better!  If anyone has schedules that work for them please, please share!

4.  Try one new recipe each week - I got two new cook books for Christmas, and I have a Pinterest board full of recipes.  I am going to attempt to try at least one new recipe each week.

5.  Update my house. - Two years ago I was on such a roll.  I began debrassing my house, framed a bathroom mirror, made roman shades, painted my front door black, etc.  I want to continue those projects.  I have a tendency to get lazy and just leave things in my house the way they have been since I moved in over 7 years ago.  Boring! My sister-in-law is an interior decorator, and she is constantly changing up her home and giving it a fresh feel.  She inspires me.

6.  Alterations - I was recently going through my closet and made the observation that I have a TON of clothes but I only wear 1/4 of them.  Mainly because the rest either don't fit or have gone out of style.  After some thought I decided that I am going to use my sewing skills and attempt to alter (if possible) some of the clothes I have so that they will fit and possibly give them a more up to date look.  I admit this one may be a stretch, but hopefully I will at least try.

That about does it for me.  I wish everyone a wonderful start to 2013!

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