May 7, 2012

Sewing Projects

I have been sewing/smocking for almost 9 years now, and last year thanks to my parents and Nick I added embroidery to the mix.  I certainly have all of the necessary training and tools to be able to make Graham lots of cute if I could only find the time to make them.  These are a random assortment of items I have done in the past few months.  There are more, but these happen to be the ones I took pictures of.

towels for Graham's bathroom

bib for Graham
(sorry I don't know how to rotate pictures in blogger...if anyone knows please tell me.)

puffy vest for Anna Kathryn
(Kiley's daughter)

burp cloths for Libby
(Natalie's daughter)

bib for Jackson
(Whitney's son...he was born TODAY!)

crab bubble for Graham
(Children's Corner - Taylor pattern)

monogram bubble for Graham

I have been working on some smocking as well but those take a good bit longer...hope to have them finished soon.

I did make Graham's Easter out fit this year, but I will include those pictures in my next post.


  1. Hi, your blog really touches me, have been reading it for a while... Just wanted you to know about a website i started It's a place for Bible study guides.. I also put a forum in that can be viewed from a mobile device.. I couldn't find where to contact you privately so I'm commenting, hope that is okay. :) God Bless!

  2. Hi - found your blog through Pinterest. I recently bought a brother pe770 and have yet to really do any projects with it. I really just need a little guidance - I LOVE the projects you've done - especially love that Carter's number removal!! Brilliant!! If you would be interested in giving me a lesson or two I would gladly pay you for your time!! I also have a high end jewelry line that I sell to stores all over Texas if you're interested in bartering :)
    my email is - hope to hear from you.