Aug 11, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I stumbled upon this TV show when I also stumbled upon a cable channel called Retro Television Network (RTN). This is a great show - not because of the acting or the props or sets but because of the stories. Each episode features characters in complex situations and an unexpected twist at the end of the story. The show lasted 10 seasons and split time on CBS and NBC. I've added the first season to our Instant Netflix queue. Here's a clip:

RTN also features shows like The A Team, The Jack Benny Show, and Airwolf. I had not seen Airwolf since reruns of that show were aired on USA Network when I was a kid. Unlike Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Airwolf was a very bad show that relied on visuals of the famous helicopter in action. If this show was ever a hit, it sure wasn't because of the acting or the storylines! Look at this!

This week, I love Wind Creek Casino. I'm not a gambler and don't like Wind Creek Casino for its gaming. I like it's hotel and accomodations and what I think it could mean for the Atmore community. Julie's 10 year (!!!) high school reunion was this past weekend. We stayed at the Wind Creek Casino hotel. I was blown away at how nice this place is. The rooms were swank and the food was wonderful! And this place was BOOMING with customers too. It will be very interesting to see how the gambling issue comes into play in the upcoming state elections.
Here's a shot of our room.
Here's a shot of the parking lot outside of our room. Looks like they have room for a golf course!

Here's a shot of the hotel from the parking lot. 17 stories! It definitely sticks out on the horizon!

We were supposed to get some gaming credits as first-time visitors. That didn't work for some reason but that didn't stop Julie from checking out the machines. LOTS of people in the casino on a Saturday night.

This week, I don't like outdated sales techniques. I get junk email sent to me constantly ("Nick" apparently translates to "Nathan" or "Nory" in different countries), my company fax machine is bombarded with health insurance and cruise ship offers and Julie and I still receive at least one telemarketing call a night. Do these attempts work? I mean, who looks at a faxed page about sketchy crusies and says, "Yes! Sign me up!"? I used to be a telemarketer in college (Worst. Job. Ever.) so I can see how those guys might still have some luck. But you know...these pesky emails, faxes and phone calls would not continue to be sent out unless someone out there falls for them.

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