Mar 22, 2010

New golf videos

My golfing buddy, Clay, and I have been taking on local golf courses with regularity since Christmas. Actually, Clay's been at it a little more than I have. But, we've battled rain, cold weather and wind and have enjoyed ourselves each time. We've had entire courses to ourselves lately - which is a pretty odd experience.

But with the warmer temperatures we've experienced here lately, fellow golfers are coming out in droves. This past weekend, we played the Valley Course at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail site at Oxmoor Valley. Here's some videos. Don't judge me. I'm not quite yet in form. Clay is, however, as evident by his shorts and sharp game.

Here's a great side shot of one of Clay's bombs. This is from the par 5 12th hole. Smooth and balanced.

This is actually my third shot from the same hole (the 12th). Like I said, don't judge me. Clay's drive is well past this point and he has yet to hit his second shot. I hit this shot fat and not p.h.a.t. (pretty high and tight).

I was pretty pleased with my performance on the par 3's. I shot even par for the round on all of the short holes. Here's my tee shot on the 13th hole.

One more example of how well Clay is hitting the new driver he received for his birthday. This is the par 4 15th. And it was waaaaaaay down the fairway.

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