Jan 24, 2010

Par-3 Course action

My buddy Clay "Bocephus" Branch and I took advantage of some warmer weather this weekend to play a little golf. We recently set a record for most consecutive days with highs below freezing in the B'ham area* so it was great to get back out. Clay and I played the par-3 course here at Oxmoor Valley. We had a lot of fun and were surprised that we pretty much had the short course to ourselves. There was a little bit of rust on the swings (mine particularly) so we didn't manage to capture a lot of great shot-making video.

(Or something like that - it's been very cold lately.)

I wanted to be sure to show my appreciation to the gallery following us on such a cloudy and windy day.

Clay shows his impeccable will and ability to block out all external distractions while sinking this par putt.

Like I said, we had a great time. If the weather turns out nice for this coming weekend, Clay and I might take on Oxmoor Valley's Ridge course. I hope to have more pics and videos for you then.

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