Jun 12, 2009

I draw the line at our NetFlix queue

I became Julie's husband on April 18th. We've adjusted nicely to married life and we've managed to meet in the middle on several decisions. I can't argue too much on most of those decisions as she did allow me to move in with her.

A lot of merging has taken place since the big day. We're now working out of the same checking account, receive our mail at the same address, pay bills jointly and even combined our NetFlix accounts into one. Everything has gone swimmingly without many conflicts or confrontations to this point. However, I've had to assert myself with our NetFlix queue.

Julie and I don't exactly share the same interests in sources of entertainment - particularly television and/or movies. But, we try to accommodate each other's likes. When we decided to operate from the same NetFlix Account, I gave Julie the login and password to our account. Little did I know that Julie was fired up about getting her picks in the queue! A recent glimpse at our queue revealed that Julie had us lined up to receive each disk of the first 2 seasons of Heros...consecutively...beginning immediately...on our 2-at-a-time plan. Given that we watch one movie a month and my tendency to get burned out on TV shows quickly (ie 24), I didn't think this would work well. So I rearranged the queue so that we will receive a Heros disk, then a movie, then a Heros disk, then a movie and so on and so on.
Now if we could just get started on that man room............

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  1. Nick I love that you wrote a blog! We have the same fight about Netflix at our house, maybe we should arrange a spouse swap. I have "He's just not that into you" coming my way...I will have a girls night. Maybe you can rent "Taken" Chad's dying to see that one :)