Jun 23, 2009

Are we surprised?

Let's get the obvious out of the way - are we really surprised at the latest news from Jon and Kate? What was originally perceived as a media stunt looks to actually be a legal separation for the wonder couple and parents of 8.

I like Jon and Kate's show (in very small doses) but now I'm more attracted to their troubled situation. I have lots of questions. Given the chance to speak with them, I would first ask why they originally thought the TV show was a good idea. Their surge in popularity came on quickly and the attention they garnered would have been hard to predict but...come on!

For most viewers like me, human nature takes over and the news about Jon and Kate's separation feeds our sick desire to see people fail. Rest assured that the books of all 8 children that should be available in the next 20 years will be best sellers.

Take the TV show element out of the picture and what we have is a couple that is too proud to die to self...plus a whole lot of children. Julie and I learned in premarital counseling that wives need to be loved and husbands need to be respected. Jon and Kate stopped abiding by this rule of thumb a long time ago and the end result is disappointing.

Kudos for Jon and Kate:
  • Their children may not have always behaved but at least they looked presentable.
  • Kate was big on being "green" and eating organic food.
  • Early episodes show that Jon and Kate made Church a big part of their children's lives.

Thumbs down for Jon and Kate:

  • Jon is immature and wants to return to his days as a 22 year old; Kate is....um...not always pleasant.
  • Jon and Kate are not making any effort to communicate, or so it seems.
  • I want a book deal! Jon and Kate went from a lifestyle of scrimping to living on a 25+ acre residence and lots of fancy "toys".

Even though our lives would provide years of entertainment, Julie and I have agreed that we will never sign up for a reality TV show. And Mady needs a spanking every 20 minutes just for good measure.

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