Aug 27, 2016

Family Update - 11 Weeks

Now that Ellen and Harris are 11 weeks into this thing called life, it’s time for a family update!


We so often associate “twins” with “same” but I’m here to tell you that these babies are not very similar. I’ve constructed the following table to highlight some of their key differences.

Harris Ellen
Gender Boy Girl
Head Shape Square Round
Body Shape Long, Solid Thin, Delicate
Hair Color Dark Brown N/A
General Mood Content Fear of Missing Out
Type of Sleeper Great Light
Type of Eater Slow Messy
Likes Paci? No Yes

I should note that these findings are based on my observations.

It would be unfair if I did not share the their commonalities. A few examples of their shared traits are:
  • These babies grunt. When they’re eating. When they’re sleeping. When they’re trying to escape their swaddles. All. The. Time. 
  • It’s unfathomable to imagine a pair of babies that toot more than Harris and Ellen. There is nothing dainty about their toots, either. Instead of “thunder and lightning”, I refer to this duo as “thunder and thunder”. 
  • Both babies have begun smiling at us. This has been a huge game-changer. After weeks of blank expressions and unbreakable eye contact, it’s amazing to see how a slight smile changes their whole look. Harris definitely has the Baggett sideways grin. Ellen’s smile is just like her – beautiful! 
Both babies are doing extremely well. At a recent doctor’s appointment, Harris tipped the scales at 10.9 lbs and measured 22 inches long. Ellen weighed 8 lbs and is right behind at 19 and ¾ inches.


Graham continues to be very interested in the twins and loves to help. I’ve never seen him get mad or frustrated with them, even during prime crying time. He has earned some nice rewards for his great attitude.

Graham and I recently took a trip to Toys R Us. Did you know that you can buy a life-size Star Wars figure??

Graham has spent time with all of his grandparents since the babies came home. My parents visited on their return from a recent cruise. While they were here, we dined at one of the nicest restaurants Birmingham has to offer and my Dad and Graham got a close look at the lobster tank.

Graham has also been doing a lot of swimming...


and he even helped me celebrate my birthday with a cookie cake that featured a theme he picked out just for me!

In addition to all of this, Graham started a new school year recently. It was an incredibly short summer and I know it won't be long before he will be starting kindergarten next year. I am not looking forward to that day!


Mommy. Wife. ROCK. It's not uncommon for two babies to be crying, a 4 year old to be craving attention and me being grumpy all at the same time. Julie thrives in those moments and whips us all back into shape.

I've been so amazed at the way Julie has commanded every situation. She's so organized and structured - - it's like God made Julie to feed, cloth and transport these children. She somehow finds time to make a warm dinner for us every night to enjoy inside a clean home. She keeps us all in line and I don't tell her enough how great a mother and wife she is. Julie makes us ALL feel LOVED around the clock.

A lot of our home projects - - both inside and out - - have paused and it's more about maintaining things now. We wouldn't trade it for anything though! Come see us...we'll even let you hold a baby!

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