Mar 21, 2014


While paroosing Pinterest a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this picture

Aren't those zinnias AMAZING!  So I clicked on the link and it took me to Floret Flower Farm Blog

Warning do not even start unless you have a few hours to devote to reading.  I was instantly sucked in.  In a nutshell Erin and her family live in Washington state and own/operate a small flower farm.  The blog is packed full of stories of their family, information on different flowers, daily life on the farm, and gobs and gobs of the most beautiful flower pictures you have ever seen.  Definitely check it out when you have time.  

After spending days reading through all of the posts from the last few years.  I decided that I wanted to give gardening a shot.  I have dabbled with it here and there in the past, but really haven't put the time and research into it that I feel like is needed to be successful.  Also I have been aching for a new hobby/project. Aching may be a strong word, but see I have this slightly wonderful, slightly irritating drive within me.  I come by it grandmother was the exact same way.  When I am interested in something rather than take the easy way and just buy the product or hire someone to do it for me...I am compelled to do it myself. 

On one hand it is a good quality, but there have been so many times I have found myself knee deep in something and thought why must I always make this harder on myself (like the time I reupholstered a here.  Never again.).  But for some crazy reason I love the process of learning a new skill...reading, taking classes, talking to experts, etc.  And if I'm honest with myself the main reason I do it is that I relish in the sense of accomplishment once I'm done.  For me there is just something invigorating about pouring yourself into something, working hard then stepping back and being proud of what you have made.  

To date I have gone down this road with smocking, sewing, upholstery, and calligraphy.  It just seams like gardening is the next logical choice for me.   

So here goes nothing!  My seeds arrived yesterday and the growing cell trays should be here soon.  I hope to get everything planted next week!  

If anyone reading this is an experienced gardener and has any tips/recommendations to offer I would welcome any and all advice.  

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  1. I like that quality about you Julie! If it wasn't for your tenacity for difficult projects, I may not be in the picture!!

    I look forward to these beautiful flowers!