Mar 19, 2013

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like The Walking Dead. I’ve got to give credit to my good friend that doesn’t like to be mentioned by name for suggesting this show. At first, I was doubtful that I would enjoy this show because I am a grown man and this show is about zombies. But I gave it a shot and now I’m hooked. Let me tell you something, fans of LOST: this show is right up your alley. The Walking Dead writers do a great job of creating a suspenseful plot and dropping information here and there that makes you pay attention to every scene. And actually, each episode features very little zombie footage.

Allow me to say a few things before you think I've booked my tickets to Nerd City (where my friend resides). First, don’t watch this show with the kiddies as there can be salty language as well as lots of blood and gore. Secondly, the CGI special effects can be comical at times (but the zombie makeup is AWESOME). The first two seasons of The Walking Dead can be viewed instantly (or by disc) through Netflix. Sorry, AMC doesn't share their content through HULU Plus. I haven't been able to start Season 3 yet so spoilers!

This week, I love sharing Graham with our family. Graham gets really tired of being with just Julie and me so it’s always a good thing when we can help him be around other family members. Aunt Sarah Harper lives in town and her visits are always a treat. In recent weeks, we've taken Graham to see his grandparents in Camden, welcomed his Aunt Ellen for a visit from Washington DC and took a trip to see his grandparents and uncle in Auburn – where he got to play with Chops!

Graham is almost 15 months old now and he’s starting to show some bashfulness when around new people. But give him a few minutes (or some food) and he’ll really warm up to you. It’s really great to see how happy he gets around new faces! Sometimes during these trips, it’s difficult to tell who’s happier to see each other – Graham or his grandparents!

This week, I don’t like drastic landscaping. You know how I feel about hedges that have grown out of control. If you are familiar with elaeagnus, you know that this type of hedge grows very quickly and is difficult to trim unless you have professional landscaping equipment. We have a single row of elaeagnus hedge between our neighbor’s front yard and our front yard. We also have four elaeagnus bushes clumped together near our back door. Our neighborhood landscapers have done the best they can to keep these things at a reasonable height – but they have to use ladders when pruning them. I guess they finally felt that a major trimming was needed. Check out these before and after photos:

I know that this had to be done but I really miss the privacy that the hedge in the front yard provided.

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