Nov 20, 2012

Fall Sewing

I apologize in advance for this post....  This will not be of any interest to people who don't sew, but it's what I have been doing a lot of lately so I thought I would share.  I have been busy sewing/smocking/appliqueing to get this boy a fall/winter wardrobe.  This is some of what I have done so far...

 Some applique shirts and turtle necks (Lawnmower, Chunky Letter, Circle Patch, Helicopter)

Pants!  The green, red, and navy are corduroy and the others are Fabric Finders navy gingham

I smocked this bubble which he has worn the past two months.  Pattern is Maja Heirlooms "Cory's Bubble." Everyone that sews should own this pattern.  It is so easy and works for a girl or a boy (only difference is the sleeves.)

 Patriotic jon jon for Election Day.  Fabric Finders plaid and pattern is Children's Corner Johnny.

We had our pictures made a few weeks ago and I made this outfit for the occasion.  Brown micro gingham..again Fabric Finders. and the pattern is Creations by Michie' "Knicker Yoke Overlay."


Wow can it really be time to start sewing for Christmas?   Here are some Christmas pajamas that I monogrammed.  Pajamas are from Blanks Boutique.

More Christmas projects coming soon!

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