Aug 7, 2012

No Denying

When all babies are born there seems to be this ongoing quest to determine who the baby looks like.  We are no exception...ever since Graham arrived we are constantly commenting on who he favors.  There has been no question that he looks more like a Baggett than a Corman, but we never had any one person that he resembled the most.  

After months of back and forth about who he favors my mother-in-law hit the jackpot.  She pointed out this picture on our last visit to Camden:

 I am guessing that this pictures was taken in 1945 when my father-in-law was about a year old.When she showed me I was blown away at the resemblance.  No other picture we have looked at holds a candle to this one.  So the "game" in my opinion is over!  There is no denying that Graham looks most like his Granddaddy Baggett. 

1945                                                            2012

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