Aug 8, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Intervention. Each Monday, this hour-long program on A&E takes viewers into the world of addiction. The premise of each episode is the same:

- An addict agrees to be featured in a “documentary”.
- The addict is filmed while in the deepest crevice of their struggle.
- The addict attempts to justify the use of their drug or drink of choice.
- The addict is unexpectantly confronted by their frustrated friends and family members.

During each episode’s intervention, the addict is given an opportunity to go to a nice rehab center or face the rest of their life without their friends and relatives. More often than not, the addict chooses to go to rehab. The best part of the show comes in the final seconds when an update is provided on the addict after going to rehab. These updates usually contain details of a relapse. It’s very interesting to take note of all of the common denominators in each of these cases (mainly, the lack of Jesus in the family!). Check out Intervention for yourself and you’ll be addicted too. Here’s a clip of scenes from an episode that examines a young woman that is addicted to inhaling canned air. PLEASE DON'T TRY AT HOME.

This week, I love baby boys. As Julie explained, we recently learned that we’re going to have a boy! I was pulling for a boy mainly because I never want to have to deal with boys snooping around any daughters of mine. But I have a sister and I am married to a woman so if this child was actually a girl, I wouldn’t be totally unprepared. I will probably be a better advice-giver to a boy, anyway. What’s really great is the fact that our good friends (The Branches) are also due around the same time and are also having a boy! I can’t wait for that foursome to play a round of golf!

This week, I don’t like loving my neighbors. Ever wonder why God put so much emphasis on loving our neighbors? Because He knew they would test our Christian morals the most! Our next-door neighbors recently cut some limbs out of a tree in their back yard. To dispose of these limbs, they have opted to enjoy a relaxing fire (in August) on their wooden deck by burning these limbs in a very cheap fire pit. They do this at night about twice a week. Through a lot of instances, these folks have given me the impression that they are very careless. If my neighbors catch our home on fire, I might have a hard time loving them.

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