Jun 22, 2011

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like being wrong on occasion. It rarely happens to me, but I recently learned that being wrong can be refreshing. In my last post, I forecasted an easy series win for LeBron James and the Miami Heat over the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. But a funny thing happens when you mix in a 7-foot German with a delicate shooting touch. What’s better than LeBron losing? Watching the media rip him to shreds. Had it not been for his comments about us regular people with miserable lives after Game 6, I don’t think the press would have been so hard on LeBron. And boy was I wrong about LeBron’s dominance in this series. He could not have played any worse – especially in the 4th quarter in most of the 6 games.

This week, I love my new limb saw. First, a little background on why I needed a new limb saw. We had a very tall holly hedge in our back yard and I wanted it cut back and shaped up. I couldn’t get a landscaper to take on the job (more on that later) so I tackled it myself. I bought a new limb saw to get into the tight, interior branches of this overgrown hedge. This saw, from Corona, made quick work of the large limbs. Very quick work, actually. GET ONE TODAY. I’ve included some before and after photos of the hedge.

This week, I don’t like vanishing service providers. The cable guy has always gotten a bad rap for never showing up when promised. I’m ready to put landscapers in that same category too. I called the landscaping company that services our neighborhood association and asked for some help with the hedge in the back yard. After another phone call and a week of waiting, the company secretary finally returned my call. I was informed that someone would go to our house, take a look at the hedge and call me with a quote. I got that call two days later. A guy called me while he was in our yard, observing the hedge. I could tell that he wasn’t very anxious to take the job. He took a deep breath, let out a long sigh and promised to call me later that afternoon with a quote. Four days go by and no quote or returned phone call. I decided to man up and do the job myself. I’m just glad my neighbor was patient with me – I had promised to get the unsightly hedge trimmed before I made the initial call to the landscaper.

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