Mar 11, 2011

Framed Mirror

Over the past few weeks of reading various blogs about DIY projects I have noticed that many of the DIYers have framed their bathroom mirrors.  Honestly I thought about doing this a while ago, but I didn't think I had the tools to be able to pull it off.  But after seeing the process these other ladies used I was convinced that I could do it.  So I decided to try it in our guest bathroom since the mirror is a smaller than the one in the master bathroom.

Nick was playing golf on off to Lowes I went to get supplies for my little project.

This is what I needed:
Miter Box
Liquid Nails

For the actual frame I bought (pre primed) casing.  Basically the stuff the that you woudl use to frame out windows and doors.  I bought and 7' and 10' piece and had them cut each of the four pieces to the size I needed.

Next I bought this little gem...a miter box!  This is the part that got me a few years ago when I thought about doing this.  I thought you had to have a miter saw in order to cut molding and trim at an angle.  Well that is not the case you can get a miter box for about $15 and it comes with the saw!  Awesome. 

This is what the bathroom looked like before.

First I had to cut my molding at 45 degree angles to form the corners of the frame.

Once all the pieces were cut  I painted them.  (Tip - Be sure to paint the back side of the molding as well because when it is up against the mirror you can see some of the back.)

Once the paint dried I applied a generous amount of liquid nails to the mirror.

Then placed the molding on the mirror and held it in place for a few minutes.  I repeated this step until all pieces where in place.

The next day I used caulk to hide the small gaps in the corners where the pieces fit together.  This caulk is awesome because it goes on pink and dries clear!

Once the caulk was dry I lightly sanded it and painted over the corners.  All Done!  What do you think?

For $25 I think it makes a big difference, and it will be even better once I debrass everything! 

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