Nov 17, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like NBA Jam. A version of this video game classic has recently been released for modern gaming systems. The new installation features an HD likeness of current and past players PLUS some of the classic catch phrases have been brought back! Admit still say BOOM SHAKA LAKA to yourself after completing a task of any significance. If only there was some type of list on which to write the title of this game to indicate my interest in owning this game...

This week, I love talking with my wife. Julie and I have had some really down-to-earth good talks lately. I have enjoyed these open discussions. We've started conversations while preparing dinner and continued them throughout the evening until it was time to brush our teeth. Unfortunately, these chats are soon to be a thing of the past now that Julie can text. Julie recently shed the title of "Last Person in America without a Texting Plan". Here's an example of how our conversations now unfold:

Julie: Hey. Need you to pick up some things at the grocery store your way home.
Me: No problem honey! I'll be glad too! What do you need?
Julie: Need you to pick up some french fries.
Me: OK! Is there anythin-
Julie: Get some Sprite too.
Me: Sprite. Got it. Can't wait to see yo-
Julie: And some Rice Crispies.
Me: Sure thing. I love you!

Ten minutes later...

Julie: U2

This week, I Don't Like red vehicles with Auburn flags/decals. Have you noticed how many maroon or fire-engine-red vehicles are sporting Auburn flags, stickers or magnets these days? Naturally, sightings of these items have increased due to Auburn's success on the football field this season. It's just the sight of the Auburn orange on a red car irks me. You never see a navy vehicle with Bama stickers or flags all over it. I know that there are unique instances in which a driver does not have direct influence on the color of their vehicle. But going forward, the law now states that if you are an Auburn fan, you are not to purchase a vehicle that is painted any shade of red.

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