Jun 17, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the effort seen from the tourism folks in south Alabama. "Oil" is the watchword these days and the BP blunder has got a lot of people concerned - especially those that live in areas that rely on the beach for their income. The following video is just one piece of a very impressive marketing campaign that the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores chamber of commerce (I guess?) has put together. I first noticed these daily videos on al.com but also came across their well-managed Facebook page. This is a big deal to these people and it is impressive to see that they are putting forth the absolute best message that they can.

These videos are of high quality and feature an attractive, well-spoken woman with an inviting southern accent that even makes the unfortunate news of a beach closure seem OK. Good job!!

This week, I love pigging out. Julie and I went on vacation last week with some great friends. Let's just say that I didn't refrain from an extra cookie(s) or concern myself with calorie counts. I don't normally watch what I eat but I do try to monitor the amounts I eat. All that went out the window on vacation and the scale revealed a 6 pound gain upon my return! I'm back on track now but I have to say there is no better feeling than exhausting yourself in a swimming pool and shoving mass quantities of snacks into your pie hole...and THEN going to dinner!

This week, I don't like how the US Open has snuck up on me. After being on vacation and busy catching up at work, the national championship really caught me off guard. But fear not because the time zones are on our side! This year's Open is being played at Pebble Beach Golf Links in California this week. That means prime time golf for you and me on TV! Check it out, even if you aren't a golf nut. This course is right on the ocean (18th hole in photo on right) and considered one of the most beautiful tracks in all of golf. One look and you will want to lick your HD screen.

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