Feb 24, 2010

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like Turbo Tax. As a young man in the twilight of my professional career, I originally looked to Turbo Tax to help me file my meager taxes. Scared and unsure, Turbo Tax gently guided me through an unfamiliar routine. I was so pleased with the process that I stuck with this service. Over the years, my tax preparation has grown in complication but all obstacles were no match for Turbo Tax. This week, Julie and I filed our taxes jointly for the first time as man and wife. As she is known to do, Julie brought lots to the table. But this special time was a piece of cake thanks to my friend, Turbo Tax. (All apologies to my accounting friends. Jokes on me I guess – Turbo Tax ain’t free!)

This week, I love tinkering on cars. I’m not a certified mechanic and I’m definitely no gear head. But I like saving money. So when a mechanic recently told me that I would have to spend upwards of $300 to replace an oxygen sensor in my truck, my DIY intuition kicked in. A quick search on the Internet revealed that there’s no getting around a pricey part but I did find instructions on how to replace said part and bypass lots of labor costs. I’ve applied this method to other quick-fix areas on my truck and Julie’s vehicle and feel confident in my abilities. Best of all – with the money I save on labor, I’ll be able to buy Julie a nice present. THUMBS UP!

This week, I don’t like the winter Olympics. I have watched zero (0) seconds of Olympic coverage. My lack of interest probably stems from the fact that I was cut from the boys figure skating team in high school. And didn’t we just have all of these events a month ago? Except then they were called The X Games?

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