Dec 16, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

Ho-ho-how are you doing?!?!

This week, I like The Christmas Song. I'll let you know right now that any version of this song NOT recorded by Nat King Cole will not suffice. I'm looking at you, Michael Bolton.

What's that you say? This doesn't sound quite like the version you and I most love? You've got good ears! I noticed a the same thing and did a little research. In the process, I discovered that 4 recorded versions have been made of this song - which was written by Mel Torme in the summer of 1944. The fourth version is considered the most known and most played version. I bet you already knew that Nat was born in Montgomery, AL. But would you know who Mel Torme was if it wasn't for Judge Harry Stone's adoration on Night Court? If you're my age or younger, probably not.
Unfortunately, I have not heard this song ONCE on the radio this holiday season. It's uncanny! Christmas is almost here and I haven't heard my favorite song yet!

This week, I love online shopping. The scene here in Bammerham...I mean, Birmingham...has been a sight to behold. You couldn't pay me to enter the jungle of shoppers at the Summit (sp?) or any other malls around here. I have managed to buy all buy one Christmas present online this year and I didn't even break a sweat. Shopping in stores is for the birds!
This week, I don't like the high likelihood of Tiger returning for the first major in 2010. Some say that I write too much about golf. But this must be addressed! There are children involved! Here's what I mean...I'm concerned that Tiger Woods will choose the Masters tournament to end his indefinite leave from golf. That's right, he'll skip all of the Hawaii, Florida and other not-so-important tourneys and make Augusta his first appearance in 2010. Can you imagine the media circus? And what if he wins? "Oh, we forgive you Tiger!" Not me! ADULTERER!

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